Thursday, September 14, 2017

Fee Fashion

This was a fun experiment to document some of the tees I own (mostly all my vintage ones!)

 I thought I'd compile and share the photos because I don't often go out of my way to photograph myself/have a little fashion shoot in my bedroom :p

This shirt is a drawing of mine I made when I first started burntfeather back in 2008. I opened a red bubble account and wanted to see the quality of their tees, I wasn't over or under impressed so never actively spruiked red bubble :p I also just watched the doco 'The True Cost' which has definitely made me more conscious of seeking out organic/fair trade/quality made products - I'm always learning :)

You may remember this tee from here and here! Super love!

This tee was from 2006 (yes I wear my fav shirts to death :p) I bought it in Harajuku so it has super nice memories attached :)

The roshambos, my fav local band, although sadly not together anymore. Ben met up with them on the side to buy me this shirt for a present :) :)

Model life for fee!

OKay this actually might be my oldest tee I own purchased when we visited Disneyland in (I believe!) 1998 *gasp*

Another band tee, this time from a Japanese group I saw in concert called Mr Children :)

The tee on the right is Yagi, who was one of the characters I designed when I ran my Peachypan business back in the day :)

Another well loved tee that I can't bear to throw away - night PJS!

If I'm not lazy I might try and document my other tees. 

As you may have guessed my fashion staple is a tee a skirt and flat shoes :p


  1. Haha what a great tee collection! I have a ton of tees that I just love but don't wear enough - maybe it should be my fall mission to actually start wearing them... you've inspired me! I love that you have some of your own designs on tees

    1. Yes, I've definitely been guilty of that too, I'm now trying to wear everything and donate those that I don't :) :)

  2. You have such a cute collection :) Loving all the colors, especially the one from Harajuku paired with that skirt!

    1. I love that top and happy colours :) It definitely has stood the test of time that tee but totally showing it's age now!

  3. I love your tee collection :) and Mr. Children! Oh my gosh! Haven't heard that name is a while! ;)

    1. oops I totally just have to google if they are still together :P bad fan!


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