Wednesday, September 20, 2017

South of the Border

The other weekend was Ben's b'day so we headed down south for a visit :) My friend Emaya has been working in Tweed Heads (just across the border from Queensland into NSW) so we got to hang out as she showed us the sites. Today's blog post is going to cover our walk from NSW into QLD as I snapped away :) 

(I'll have a few more posts to share as well!)

This photo was taken in tweed but the whole area we walked had the best daggy architecture!

A surf comp down at Duranbah beach :)

Before we caught up with Emaya we did have a room around Surfers at the Gold Coast :) Apart from killing things at an arcade, we did something else super fun that I'm saving for another post!

Breeze blocks, my favourite!

Recommendation: I'm fairly sure I've mentioned before but just a reminder, go browse Warren Kirk's amazing flickr (discovered through thimblecat!)

Do you guys love vintage suburbia too?


  1. oooh these colors in these photos are amazing! such a happy, vibrant vibe :)

    1. :) :) Totally agree about those great beach colours :)

  2. I love that there are always places to explore - near and far - and things to snap.

    1. travel is amazing hey and it can happen so close to home and still be inspiring :)


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