Thursday, October 19, 2017

bought/gift/made /11

Another round of bought, gift made!
In the bought category, a hair dye applicator. I spent too much time searching for a longer lasting solution with past plastic brushes not holding up! I stumbled upon what looked liked a kitchen spatula and so far I've only got good things to say about it. Unlike the bristle variety this one doesn't tug/rip at your hair (ouch!). The brand is Kodo but there's different models and sizes floating around the web and I'm sure any of them would be fine :)

In the made category, a wooden palm using scraps of ply board! Our scrap baskets are getting out of hand so I put on my thinking cap and came up with this wooden palm  :)

Finally our lovely art friend Phil B gifted me with more of his amazing art 
(the collection grows) :) :) 

 I actually have loads of beautiful art collected from talented people over the years. 
One of my life dreams is to own my own place so I can hang it all up :)


  1. Ugh yes, the plight of the art-collector art/enthusiast: not enough space! I'm at my parents' place currently and don't have enough room by any means for all the things I want to put on walls!

    1. It's 1 part super sad and 1 part motivating to find your own space or a happy solution to start nailing :) he he! I'm trying to lean towards the motivation at the moment or do lots of art leaning against walls!


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