Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Chinchilla Cemetery

The other week I got to do something super fun - visit Ben at work! His job means he can be away for 6+ weeks at a time but then he'll have big periods of being at home too :) Normally he works in the middle of the desert but this time he was only 4 hours away - road trip time! I only stayed a couple of nights but I still look back on the trip with super happy thoughts:) I brought along my camera when I went to explore the local cemetery - which is today's post.  The rest of the time, I did laps of the pool, read books, napped and explored the town - it was amazing! Simple things, guys.  As for the cemetery, it did not disappoint with plenty of country town charm :) Oh and not to be too morbid but the thought of having cactus grow on my grave is pretty appealing!

On the drive home, I not only got to stop at the awesome vegan bakery I visited on my b'day, I also chanced upon this rad vintage playground in Murgon!

I'm sadly not normally one for doing things on a whim but I'm trying to live my life not so forward/routine focused and this trip was amazing for that *highfive* to myself :P


  1. Cactus on the grave? Yes!!! :)

    1. I know! First time seeing that too and it just made a whole lot of sense :) :)


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