Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Film Camera a Month - October

We need to jump a few months back in time so I can play blog catch up! In between flying down to Melbourne for a wedding and moving (even if it was just underneath the house!) has meant this poor little blog has been neglected. Never fear though, I'm here to rectify all wrongs doings, starting with my film camera a month series :)

I'm pushing my underwater camera back into the October slot despite still using it into November - ssssh! When I got the film developed not only did it make me feel uninspired to put another roll in but I realised that roll has been in my camera for at least a year - oops!

The camera in question is an underwater film camera called 'Aim & Shoot' which has an outside plastic housing enabling it to be used multiple times unlike the disposable variety.

To be honest that's its only selling point :p

Otherwise it's a very basic point and shoot set up where the only thing you can control is what film you put in it. This time I had put in some Lomo 800 colour film knowing a higher speed would account for lower light conditions under water.

There is a counter on top so you know what shot you are up to, a winder for the film (and also to unwind the film at the end) and a film release button on the bottom. I think my shots below sum up the basic nature of this guy.

I think underwater shots should perhaps be left to the professional guys :P


  1. Haha I can see how that would be disappointing! To be honest though there's something super cool about the hazy washed out vibe of these. The underwater ones look too dark for sure, but some of the ones in the brighter light are a little less under exposed haha... Super LOMO!

    1. So Lomo, I think I need a new category, he he :P :P That's the adventure of film though, I'm always excited for the journey!


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