Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Goodbye Room

As we were moving I thought it would be nice to document my room and another favourite room of the house, our huge bathroom. Today, I'm going to share you my room :) In our old place, Ben and I each had our own space and then one shared bedroom - perfect for us with our many art projects going on. 

Ben did point out, I cheated a bit with these photos (my room was never this clean) but hopefully they can serve as reminded not to keep my spaces clutter and to keep on my minimalist journey :)

I'll completely confess to being a motivational quote lover!

Ben graciously let me have this room (with the most light) when we first moved in and although it got a tad hot in summer, it was lovely to take photos in!

The amazing Ariel embroidery from the cat you and us

My little ceramic figures, knick-knacks and instax

office tour - reusable totes

The ceramic mermaid was a souvenir from America bought at Santa Monica pier. I'm amazed it's still in once piece, being almost 20 years old! 

Fliqo screen saver for the win!

A huge tiger backpack that Ben gifted me for my 30th

office tour - curious George umbrella
A Curious George umbrella I got in Japan.  
My favourite feature - red flashing lights around the edges for safety!

Snake plant which has acquired a new baby limb since moving :)

Inside the wardrobe

office tour - camera collection
The cameras I used for my Film Camera a Month series last year. 

 You can also see my African Violet, sitting on top, without any flowers (but not for long!).

Pinky Toast artwork gifted from Ben.  

The drawing on the right (apologies for the blur!) was a self portrait from Design Fest in Japan.  Unfortunately I don't know the artist, except that she signed the piece by her name Yumi.

I'll be sharing some photos of our old bathroom, tomorrow on the blog. I never thought having a huge bathroom would be amazing until I discovered it was :P


  1. Love the splashes of colors all around! Still so jealous of all your film cameras :P

    1. I think I realised last year that I have too many :P oops!

  2. What a lovely room! It's so light and wonderful and the art pieces are all so very you! Super cute. :)

    1. I really appreciate how spaces can make you feel and effect your mood and creativity, so I'm going to work hard on keep all my spaces less cluttered this year!

  3. Aww this post gives me nostalgia for your old room! Such a lovely light-filled space! Also, going to get that screensaver RIGHT NOW ((((:

    1. Oh it was so nice! damn, I guess trade offs! I will one day have a lovely light filled huge room again :) :)


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