Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Goodbye Bathroom

Yesterday I shared my old room with you guys and today I wanted to share our old bathroom. Whenever someone would come over to our place, the house tour always ended with the bathroom and me saying something like "the best room in the house".

My buddy rojo Congo, who keeps thriving and thriving!

Despite some questionable colour choices, the size of the bathroom won me over! I realise this photo might not accurately show the size but I refrained from taking the opposite view as I thought I'd spare everyone a shot of the toilet :P

Stool game is still strong and that hairspray must have magical powers because every hairdresser at every bridal prep I've ever been to, always uses that brand - SCHWARZKOPF Silhouette :P 

The orchid (on the left) is called a moth orchid and loves it's upside down planter - a present I gifted to Ben but secretly wanted myself :p

Still loving the coffee body scrub, which I've mentioned over here

Japanese moss balls - never know if they are okay, have died or are just barely holding onto life?!?  

I was worried moving the orchid from a lovely humidity bathroom (with it's filtered light) to its current location in our new bedroom but it's still going great guns!

And my shhhowercap still proving to be a lovely investment :) :)

Our new bathroom unfortunately receives little to no natural light which has meant our plants have migrated to that kitchen.  At first I was sad about that prospect but now the kitchen (where I spent a lot of time) is an even happier place. I guess plants just make everything happier!


  1. That bathroom was huge, I can vouch for that! :)
    That orchid is super pretty :) I’ve been thinking I’d like a houseplant but I just don’t know - my thumbs are notoriously toxic - I’ve managed to kill cactuses - even accidentally sent a little lucky bamboo flying off the verandah...I don’t know if I’m ready to love again lol
    We’ll have to come check out your new abode sometime:)

    1. It was!!! Oh I'm sure you can get a house plant and keep it alive :) Actually, the tip that helped me the most is to have a set day you water your plants :) Also, definitely have to come round and we'll give you the new house tour!

  2. It's so nice that you have these photos captured before moving. I like how the orchid hung upside-down, so cute! my mum's an orchid hoarder hehe but I've yet to try and have one yet!

    1. Oh my gosh, I hope to be an orchid hoarder one day too! #dreamgoal :) :) he he

  3. that upside down planter is so neat! I have had two orchids and killed them both :( they are so hard to care for! yours look amazing!

    1. I'm happy to report the orchid is still alive! I'm paranoid about it though, seems to change it's water habits a bit!


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