Thursday, January 25, 2018

Port Macquarie - Skate Park

Having a boyfriend who loves skating means I wind up at a few skate parks and it just so happens, the one down in Port Macquarie is by far my favourite. Ben's nephew, tells us, it's in the top five parks in Australia - apparently not only aesthetically pleasing but fun to skate too. We drove down to Port Macquarie after Boxing Day and stayed a few nights and it was a fun little get away :)

Ben's brother Paul (the one lying in the bowl) took a massive hit. He ended up skating for at least another 15 minutes after this and by 11pm that night decided he needed to go to hospital. I woke up the next morning to his wrist in a cast!

Ben's brother's family, have the sweetest cat called Alaska. I'm not sure she was 100% okay with this pose but she is so well natured she just seems to go with the flow  :)

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