Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Clay /10

I'm really proud to show you my clay results today!

This may sound odd but above are two of my favourite things I've made! On the left is a butterfly, pretty simple but I experimented with some glazes and was super stoked with how that glaze came out - shall try it on some more pieces in the future! On the right, is an incense holder which I really really love! I can't put my finger on why but I suspect it's to do with its simple form, pretty red dotted line and it's an object we use regularly with a nice function.

I'm so so proud of my sugar glider! It's maybe the most conceptual piece I've created. Do you remember back to when I found this guy and I took photos to remember him, I actually started sculpting him as well and the ideas kept unraveling until I thought about some flowers emerging from him to signify his death. He's been a work in progress but the other day I finally glued the wire onto the flowers and put him together.

I'm glad I kept pushing with that piece :)

This is a bowl I made for Ben's cousin Carmen, who stayed with us recently for her birthday :)

I made a bunch of flowers for my sugar glider piece with the intention of seeing what would work best. I love that gold flower but I shall use it for another project!

When in doubt, paint things in that gold colour! I've used one of the moons for another project which I'm really exciting to show you guys too!

Love this little guy, he went in for a third firing because I wasn't happy with his collar colour but now I'm thrilled!

Some more test tiles to making selecting glazes an easier process!

And finally a little pinch pot I currently have a tiny succulent in! 

In other news, Ben bought a pottery wheel. I've been pretty excited and dreaming up ideas ever since he expressed interest in buying one. Well, I think it's good to share how much of a struggle it's been for me. I'm only up to day two of trying but I feel like my progress is very very slow. I normally pick up crafts and creative things quite quickly but the wheel has made me feel like the biggest failure. I want to give up or cry or do something dramatic like throw the clay into the air but I realise this is a challenge I need to ovecome. I know I need to put in the time even if I keep failing. Anyway, something to keep you updated on and hopefully at some point this year I can say "look, I made this on the wheel!" :p :p


  1. Please keep us updated on your wheel turning adventures - it's such a finicky and delicate process sometimes. I remember always creating failed lumps way back when i had an art class that included a clay portion as a kid!!

    I really loooove these little bits you're sharing! I love that incense holder it's so elegant in its shape and the red line. I also love the concept behind the sugar glider and that he/she stuck with you for so long! It's funny what things touch us and linger.

    1. I want to say I've mastered the wheel but that would be a huge lie :P I have been practising a lot and it is getting easier, although I'm still making some very wonky things, I guess, I just want to cry a little less now :P he he he

  2. That sugar glider is so beauty Fiona!! <3

    1. I'm glad I finally got around to putting him altogether!


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