Wednesday, March 21, 2018

bought/gift/made /13

Another post for my bought/gift/made series!
First up some ceramic moons I've been making for a pendant wall hanging

Hard to photography but I was happy with how it turned out :)

Ben's mum gifted me with a succulent (crassula muscosa) that has a bunch of common names, such as, shoelaces!

And in the bought category a safety razor. I was a bit worried about going with a safety razor, the normal plastic disposable razors (I'm used to) have a flexible head to glide right over the contours of your body. I did some reading and it seemed if you apply minimal pressure and do small strokes with a safety razor, life would be okay. I'm now four months into using my razor and I'm completely converted. I believe I paid around $30 aus. dollars for mine, there are a few types so it does get confusing but in the end they are all doing the same job, so my advice is to not let the options overwhelm you and dive in!

In the book, zero waste, the author, Bea Johnson, explains how her husband washes his safety razor after each shave and dries it to prolong its life. I've been doing the same, my razor has four pieces, the handle, the bottom plate, the blade and the top plate. It unscrews, I rinse everything and then dry each piece with a towel before screwing it back together. In hindsight I think the butterfly shaver version (with a top opening) might have made this process a little quicker but for me the cleaning takes no longer than 2 minutes so no complaints!

Another quick note, my razor came with a pack of 10 blades and after four months I'm still on blade one! Refill packs costs a few dollars so not only is it a kind to the environment but when comparing against the disposable kind, it works out cheaper too.


  1. I got a safety razor for Yangkyu one year and the blade was just not sharp enough? Or perhaps we didn't know how to get it to work? It wouldn't do what it was supposed to do! And so it just sat there and sat there and sat there... and now we don't even know where it is... sigh. But I love that you included it in your life. I follow this one woman who does a zero waste lifestyle and she recently said she got the courage to ask her hair dresser if she can take all of her hair that's clipped off to compost at home. She was scared that her hair dresser would look at her weirdly but it actually sparked an amazing conversation. :)

    1. oh that's a shame! Maybe a fault blade?!? So amazing about asking for her hair! I remember having the realisation we could put brushings from our cats into our compost and just demystifying things and making them less weird has been a good step for me :)

  2. I love those ceramic moons, so pretty. Nice job Fee! :)

  3. I absolutely love your ceramic moons! These muted colours *heart eyes*


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