Thursday, April 5, 2018

Year of booms - March

Another month down and so much to share on my year of blooms project!

The roses kept on blooming throughout the month of March and I was able to save their petals again

Probably the most exciting happening, Ben and I were able to save a huge orchid! I cannot express how happy it made me to carry this thing around before finding a home for it, nestled against a tree in our yard.

March - orchid

Ben bought home a lovely bunch of flowers which made our house smell super lovely. 

Word of warning, you do have to be careful with these lillies around cats as their pollen can be deadly.

At the start of the month I planted, poppies, pansies and peony.

I'm a little worried those seeds may never sprout because I had to do a garden reset. All my little sprouts I spied in Feb popping up turned out to be mostly weeds. I did have some cosmos and sunflowers sprout (exciting!) but the sunflowers never grew to full size and died just as quickly as they bloomed. I asked Ben's mum to give her expertise and she suggested more fertiliser, more soil (or aerating what was there) and adding some bark. I explained how I had already planted lots of seeds so she suggested I could aerate just with a hand shovel. So I spent a day making the soil beautiful again and I'm really hoping for some successful months in the future :)

The plotted plants did great, the geranium were in full blooms.

(One of the pretty cosmos that did sprout in my garden bed!)

The award for best blooms goes to the desert rose, hands down!

We had some bromeliads bloom in our yard

Do garlic chive flowers count?

Poor sad sunflower!

I've been a little quiet on the blog front recently and that's because we traveled down to Port Macquarie the other week. You may remember how I mentioned that Ben's brother lives down there and how his wife gifted me sunflower seeds. When we visited her at Christmas her sunflowers looked amazing, she had planted them in September and was looking forward to planting more for her son's birthday in March (the reason we traveled down again). Well on her second planting her sunflowers didn't perform as well and she put it down to the wrong season. I chatted with her and she suggested I wait until September to replant and see how I go again :)

March - stool
Another project occupying my time has been working on Spirit You :) The stool above is from that side project and I have a seperate instagram account too if you would like to follow along.

March - cosmos

I'm excited for what blooms April brings :)
Fingers crossed my garden bed lives on!


  1. So beautiful! Also, I love your Spirit You site - those stools are so beautiful and i love the sentiment SO MUCH. I'm so excited to see more, it makes me happy to read your words about your purpose and about nature and such ahh.

    1. Ah that means so much to me, thank-you so much!!

  2. Blimey that's one big orchid! I love that you look so happy :)

    1. It's super heavy too! I'm hoping it will bloom but I think even the leaves are so beautiful - definitely made me happy :) :)


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