Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Garden Update /2

Since moving to our new place, Ben helped me set up a new vegie garden. I was sad to say goodbye to the old garden but I made sure to save all the little sprouts and transplant them to their new home. You may remember how my friend Lowy introduced and helped me set up my first garden well he did offer some sage advice on setting up this new garden but I may have ignore him. I can now confidently encourage you to listen to others or at the very least, learn from your mistakes :p

So lowy's wise words were something along the lines of "I don't think the spot you have picked will get enough sun" to which I said something like "but but it gets all the water run off, which is more important because we're on tank water and last year there was a drought and I couldn't water the garden daily!!!!"

We've now had rain the last month or so and the garden bed is in no fear of being under-watered in fact I think it's now getting far too much and yes, not enough sunlight! Ben has kindly offered to help me move it one more time which I'll probably take him up on. Despite my stubborn ways the garden hasn't been a complete failure it just has had very slow or little growth. I thought it was worth showing photos of the things that have grown though :)

A couple of pumpkin vines have down great, obviously lovers of water! And I spotted lots of bees buzzing around to pollinate :)

The humble garden bed and behind you can see the table we did our mosaics on :)

Veggie garden - mango tree
Another happy report was our mango tree.  The season is now over but I'm still happily having mango smoothies daily from a bunch I froze :)

I've lost count of the number of avo seeds I've planted but I'm super excited to have two successes!

Unfortunately all my seedlings haven't sprouted, possibly from the 'too much water/not enough sunlight' debacle  :(

If you have your own garden, don't throw away your spring onion stems - they grow so easily and keep on regrowing!

Veggie garden - pumpkin vine

And some capsicums which are almost ready for picking!

I really do love gardening and especially picking things to eat from the garden and I know I'm always learning too. I'll keep you updated if I do move this bed and see if some more sunlight will get things growing a bit faster :)


  1. Mmm mango smoothie <3 and those capsicums!

    1. I've had a flu coupled with a sore throat these last two weeks and those cold smoothies have been a joy!!

  2. Lovely garden! And you have a mango tree! So very jealous! I can't wait to start on our garden again this year. We skipped our last year because we were trying to get our garden under control which was infested with crabgrass .. Sometimes I wish we had bigger space just so we can grow more things :)

    1. I bet your garden will be amazing, sometimes limitations are good, I'm thinking of trying out growing the majority of my herbs in pots and see what outcomes come out of that - good for being able to move into the right sun exposure spot and to take with us if we move again :)

  3. It is awesome that you have a mango tree!!! Our garden is pretty big but we're renting so can't really do anything with it - we did add a portable plastic greenhouse and few pots. Really can't wait when we buy a house so we can do whatever we want with the garden, like build a proper greenhouse and get a vegetable patch!

    1. We're pretty lucky to have a flexible landlady to be able to put in some bed :) BUT If we ever own our own place, I plan on going crazy with the garden!! That's the dream anyway!


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