Thursday, March 8, 2018

Clay Fails /2

Time to show you when things go pear shaped!
So much optimism and hope when you load the kiln!

This guy I just dropped on the floor, no rhyme or reason just being super clumsy :p

For some reason the red glaze refused to stick to this flower

As we opened the firing from the above photo, I excitedly picked this guy up (having already survived two firings) and then I dropped it on the concrete - sometimes I shock myself with how clumsy I am!

This guy was just some horrid horrid colour choice on my behalf!

I didn't do much better when it came to selecting that shade of blue :p

I wanted to try my luck and put through this guy again to tone down the yellow dots - well he cracked! Oops.

That's the gamble you pay for doing repeat firings!

Remember how I got really excited about a glaze and wanted to use it on everything, well I'm less excited after painting this unicorn in the colours - yikes!

And a pretty (but broken) spoon which I didn't drop but rather it cracked during the firing, making me feel somewhat better about it ending up in the bin :P


  1. Haha I have to say the shade of blue isn't bad though, but the brown really is horrid :P Working with clay seems tough but you've always made it looked easy. I'm a fan <3

    1. oh that brown is horrid! Maybe I was too harsh with the blue :P Definitely could have been better though! tee hee!


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