Thursday, March 1, 2018

Year of Blooms - Feburary

I was reflecting on my year of blooms project and specifically what occurred during February and was surprised that lots of little things sprung to mind.

In January I made my flower bed and planted a packet of wild flowers, sunflower seeds, cosmos, and forget me knots. In February I then planted Gomphrena (to attract butterflies) and sweet pea to climb up among my already planted passionfruit :) The most amazing thing was to look back at January's photos of the garden bed and compare it against these recent photos. Although the bed is lacking blooms it's now full of little seedlings :) I did have one bloom in my bed, a little white flower I transplanted from Grandma's property (the Farm) :) I was getting ready to make my 'Feb' flower photo and noticed there weren't too many flowers around our yard so I ended up bringing a piece of white cardboard to the farm which in itself became a nice little reminiscent for myself. 

It's been raining a lot lately so you'll spy a few photos with rain drops on petals but I think they add a little bit of extra magic! The frangipani tree is still in bloom, the rose bushes flowered for the second time this year and I managed to save their petals to add to my paper making. The desert rose completely opened up and my geranium bloomed it's amazing red flowers. I also made my mosaic rose paver and my tally for my clay seed balls grew to 189, which makes me feel confident I can reach 1000 by the end of the year!!! eep! That would be amazing :)

Flower bed garden


  1. I think the raindrops do add a little bit of magic. Gorgeous blooms! I can't wait to get our seedlings started for our vegetable garden and also some flowers too.

    1. It's so fun isn't it! I'm sure you will plant some amazing things this year :) :)


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