Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Clay /11

We've had a steady stream of making and firing and painting and firing clay of late so I have photos to show! Also I wanted to update you on my wheel adventures - I have thrown things! The pieces lack perfection but I'm proud to have picked up some skills via watching YouTube, listening to Ben and just putting in the time (couple with many non successes!). My wheel thrown pieces have only just been bisque fired so I'll wait until I paint them and we have enough things to run the second fire before I share those :) Today is a hodge-podge of other things just finished :)

This little guy was thrown by Ben I think a leftover from his ceramic study days. We wanted to fill a kiln load so he gave me a few things to try different paint styles with :)

Ceramic pendant :)

That little dinosaur I made years ago and he's just been sitting in our ceramic no mans land awaiting further action. Gold was an easy choice to finish him in - it's pretty fool proof!

Another little pot Ben had made and which got the paint treatment from myself :)

Some cats, fuji, the opera house, coral, sushi and clouds :)

I'm so happy with this spoon, I think I ended up making three or four, each one ending up with a fault but I was determined to see my vision come to life :) Talking about faults, I've collected a bunch of clay fails to share with you too in another post.

Some inter glaze test tiles, these turned out pretty awful but I was literally just going through all the various combos - in our next glaze firing I have a bunch more tiles to put through which I'm excited to see how they'll come out :)

I'd already made a flower holder but it ended up leaking so I worked a little bit harder on this guy to make it foolproof

Another Ben bottle (he loves making bottles) that I painted by laying some painters tape down first to mask out the designs.

Apart from the spoon, this lady is my favourite thing from this firing. Has anyone seen the OA?

And lucky last a little pinch pot I made :)

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