Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Clay /12

I'm back with a huge hoard of clay goodness to share! Over the last few months I've been busy making to fill up a kiln load for firing.  After the first fire it's then a busy couple of days painting all the pieces for the second firing - the exciting glaze fire! In this post I'm going to include a bunch of the pieces at their bisque stage for you to see because I personally love seeing progress shots!

terracotta bisque
Still loving terracotta!

glaze fired

I really dig the glaze on these guys!

clay bowl
I kept this bowl super simple + natural with just some white slip at the base that I scratched into.


I saw a trick online about making pendants using a syringe which I had to give a go

orca whale ceramic
After months and months I have finally finished Tilikum! So proud that I saw this to completion.  I had an idea in my head right from the start and it turned out exactly as I envisioned (which is rare!).  If you don't know the story or haven't' seen Black Fish, it's a really tragic tale about an orca kept in captivity.  The documentary is definitely worth watching and hopefully my piece makes a little more sense afterwards!

ceramic terracotta bowl
More white slip fun and polka dots!

circus tilikum whale

Another shot of tilikum

clay test tiles

Lots and lots of terracotta test tiles

terracotta test tiles

and some glaze testing

interglaze test bowl

Some more fun using the interglaze which you put in between two different glaze types to hopefully get some funky results

clay paint palette

I made myself a little paint palette.  
Previously, I was using a cheapo plastic one but a clay version is so much nicer!

clay cross
A cross inspired by my love of all those beautiful ceramic pieces at the cemetery.  
I realised after making this that I simply can't do those ceramics justice - lesson learned!

clay cat bowl

A new bowl for peachy which I think lasted a few days before Ben dropped it.  We have concrete floors and they are not forgiving, I dropped my iphone the other week and it instantly went black and never turned back on *sad face*

beach balls

I made two balls for my tilikum sculpture because I wanted to test different colours and sizes.  I loved them so much that I ended up putting the second one on a pink poodle I made below

clay poodle

I really really love how it turned out

terracotta poodle

Also 100% digging the underglaze paint kept raw over the terracotta

clay poodle sculpture

a shot to see how it looked pre-paint

clay animal

aerial just for fun!

clay evil eye

Some little evil eye pendants

fat clay dog

and a fat little dog :P

dog sculpture
after the bisque stage

dog sculpture

and you can see where I kept some of the raw terracotta showing through

ceramic tile

A tile to test out using a little squeezy bottle filled with glaze (not as easy as I thought it would be!)

ceramic herb marker
and some garden markers for my herbs

herb clay markers
(Seeing the before photos makes me wonder if I should have painted the words white :P)

Do you have a favourite?

Mine has to be tilikum just because some much love and thought went into him :)


  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome!! I love seeing your creations. They're all so beautiful!

  2. I love your garden markers! I have been meaning to make them for never got around to them. whomp whomp whomp. And I absolutely love that bowl too! Sorry it had to meet its end :(


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