Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Year of Blooms - June

flower play in flower letters

Time in the flower realm seems to have slowed down a lot.  I went out to photograph all the goodies that have appeared in June and although plenty there were also lots of repeats. 

I recently died my hair light blue so I thought it would be fun to pick some flowers, bobby pin them in my hair and take some shots.  That was a very good + fun idea, making me appreciate my backyard flowers in a new way.

arty shot

flower crown with blue hair

white frangipani and pink rose

 The frangipani's are on their last leg but the roses all bloomed again!

pink rose
Before this project I thought all roses bloomed only once a year!

floral blog series

 white flowers still popping up

cherry rose sprout

 And success - my first transplanted seedlings from the containers!
Here's what I planted from the container to the garden: cherry rose (seen above), everlasting daisies, cosmos, billy buttons, wild poppy, marigolds, giant pansy and a super swiss variety *fingers crosses* 

garden bed white flowers

blue hair girl with flowers

pink flowers in tree

 The tree in the yard kept on blooming these amazing flowers (stole one for my hair!)

hand holding pink rose

pink rose bud

adventures in flowers

 On the left above you can see all the seedlings which I then re-potted to the garden! Not all sprouted but I'm feeling like more of a success rate then just planted them straight into the flower bed.

girl with pink rose

purple tree flowers

winter flowers

australian native flowers

hanging basket

pastel blue hair and pink flowers

flower blog series
Half way through the month we were told we needed to move out (still might be on the cards) so I just kind of gave up on the garden for a week and felt sad that just as I was making some (slow) progress with the flower bed, I'd have to abandon it all. It's funny because this attitude was what stopped me trying all the years previous.  Even if we do move and even if the next people do away with the bed altogether I'll still come away from this experience having gained skills that I can use in the future and having had lots of lovely moments in the garden, practicing appreciation. To me those things alone should never have set up roadblocks to gardening and so I will keep trying to make this garden successful until the day we do move and I'll happily do it all over again in a new place!

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