Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Year of Blooms - August

blog flower series

august flower word play

Okay a quick heads up - August was a big fail! 

Honestly I didn't make this project a priority in August and so there isn't a lot to report on this month.  We are now all settled into our home but thinking about my garden and starting new seedlings whilst making sure thing like, the electricity would be turned on at our new places, meant all things gardening took a back seat! It's taken me longer than I thought to find my feet again but hopefully this second half of September I can pick up my game again! 

flower bed

Before we left our old place, I went around with the camera and took a few last snaps 

pink desert rose flowers

 That desert rose has been amazing this year - it's in full bloom again!

kangaroo paw seeds
 I did plant a bunch of seeds at the start of the month but none sprouted *sad face*

orange nasturtiums

 One thing that did pop up and do great in August was nasturtiums!

august flowers

 Oh and that orchid I saved from my Dad's mums property finally bloomed! I only have the shot of it about to bloom (left above) but it did open up days before our move! We were able to transport them to our new place and they are still in bloom so I'll make sure to snap some photos for next month!

flatlay flowers

pink nasturtiums

flowering chives
I got so desperate for photos I took a shot of my chives blooming :P


  1. hehehe those are pretty chive blooms though!
    Congrats on the move and happy to hear you are settling in :)

  2. Love these! I wish your next ones will grow the biggest they can. <3

    1. awww I hope so too! Thanks for stopping by :)


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