Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Harry's Hut

Apparently there are one two everglades in the World and we were lucky enough to camp on the banks of one them. The Noosa Everglades are super pretty and are known as the river of mirrors, due to their amazing water reflections. We actually camped here at the end of last year but Dec and Jan consumed all my fun edit time so hence the late (but worthy!) share.  Ben and I camped with my Dad and his friend and we went on walks, bought along kayaks and had a swim and just did relaxed camping things :) :)

noosa river

black and white australia flora

shot of girl skipping

camping at harry's hut


mirror river

banksia trees

black and white palm tree

harrys hut camping

canoe noosa everglades

australian bush plant

black and white underwater photo

banksia man

river reflections

harry's hut walk

noosa walking trek

banksia b&w

water coloured portrait

noosa walking track

noosa everglades river

black and white palm frond

palm trees

b&w palm tree

paper bark trees

ben under water

noosa river


  1. ugh so dreamy! We have freezing rain here today... lol...

    I ESPECIALLY love those underwater pictures - especially the one in colour, how wild and beautiful!

    1. Big props to Ben for getting water up his nose for those shots, the tannin of the trees make that incredible colour :) :) I hope the weather turns a corner soon for you!

  2. Wow - I did not know about the area being classified as "Everglades'. I was fascinated by the reflections when we did a boat trip up the river some years ago - is it something to do with the oiliness from something growing there (Manuka?)

    1. Ahh so interesting, I didn't know that! Thanks for sharing :) :)

  3. whoa what a unique place! I'd love to rest in such.

    1. It was such a nice little body reset, very calm and peaceful :)


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