Monday, September 5, 2016

Wooden Bathroom Stool

I've been all about wood working as of late and decided to do something with a rectangle piece of weathered wood that I'd found. I also decided that we needed a bit more storage in our bathroom so the bathroom stool was born :)

I cut two pieces of timber to add reinforcement where the stool legs sat in - not sure if I needed to do this or if it was more of an aesthetic choice to the final design?!

You can see above how I nailed the planks to the weathered board below and drew some rough pencil circles where I wanted the legs to sit. Then it was just a matter of drilling out the holes with my 38mm spade bit on my drill.

The legs were just a fallen tree branch that I cut down into equal sizes and gave a rough sanding to. When I drill the holes, the circles are never perfect but that's okay because the tree branches are not perfectly round either. I aim to get the leg going into the hole fairly tightly and then if there are any gaps, like you see above, I use sawdust (saved as I'm drilling out the holes) mixed with wood glue to fill in the gaps. The drilled holes also usually determined which leg sits where as I try and get the most smug fit for all. If a leg isn't fitting, you need to drill the hole a bit wider or sand the leg to be slimmer - take everything I say with a grain of salt as well :P

A coat of white paint to the legs and a matte sealer over the whole thing and hey presto finished stool :)

If you have any tips on making stools yourself, let me know, I'm always open to new ideas or smarter ways to do things :)


  1. Oh how lovely! I really really love it! I also really love your blog!

    Steph - Studio Aveline -

  2. this is just fantastic, fee! i love it!!!

  3. Such a perfect unique piece to have at home! Do you have a sand machine or do you make it manually? Big hug!

    1. We have a pretty cheap hand sander (electric) that you can flip upside down and put on a stand which makes it super awesome! Saves a lot of time too. It's very noisey though so sometimes I hand sand as well :)

  4. Replies
    1. and I can happily report its still going strong :) :)


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