Thursday, October 11, 2018

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vegan chocolate

In the gift category some delicious chocolate gifted from Ben.  How amazing is that packaging! I went down an internet rabbit hole the other day and ended up doing a quizz with a cringe-worthy-title about whether or not you're a giving partner.  The quizz gods score me pretty high but I know Ben would of scored even higher!

etsy minimal gold filled cheap earrings
I got my ears pierced when I was a teenager and wore all sorts of earrings (mostly the super cheap variety!) and never had any sort of reaction.  Fast forward ten years and my ears have become super sensitive and demand the most expensive metals to be worn (picky much!). I stopped wearing earrings altogether but just recently wanted to be able to wear them again (and on a budget) so I tracked down these little gold inverted hoops.  I did some googling to see the best metals for my sensitive ears and gold filled seemed to be the answer if I didn't want to spend huge amounts on pure gold. A few hours later (etsy can do that to you!) I'd tracked down a super cute pair which you can wear either across your ear or hanging down. When I received them, I put them on without any burning sensation - a good first sign!  There was roughly a week of transition where my ears felt discomfort but nothing compared to previous experiences.  I've now been wearing the earrings for a few months and my ears have completely adjusted - hooray!

pink hand crafted wooden shoe
I've already posted this little wooden shoe on my Spirit You insta page but it was fitting to also pop it up here in the made category.  I had an off-cut of one of my stools which looked exactly like a little shoe.  I put the off-cut aside and then grabbed some paint and finished the transformation :)


  1. Hehe love this selection! So much whimsy. Those earrings are really cool and now I want them too! uh oh

    1. It's dangerous! You have very thoughtful plans in place for your spending which I think is always the key when you see something new and shiny :) I definitely love them and have been wearing them everyday since I got them, in the shower, to bed and to work - so I'm happy to give them a thumbs up :)


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