Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Pink Chalk Painted Lowboy

So I finally did it, I entered the World of chalk-painted furniture *gasp* and to my delight it's been loads of fun! Since we move so much (or at least it feels like we do) I've never really considered buying proper furniture (moving sucks but moving heavy things that don't fit into my car, sucks even more!).  

In the last few years I've tried to change my mentality of 'I'll do that when I have x/y/z in order' because (let's face it!) they may never be in order so I better just enjoy life right now :) So I went online and tracked down a low boy which I actually thought was a lot lower than it turned out to be.  Luckily, Ben and his friend Lowie and the lovely old couple I was buying it off were super patient and we were eventually able to bring it home via Lowie's trailer.  To everyone's horror, I had my heart set on painting it pink which I started to doubt after seeing its beautiful raw state but sometimes you just have to follow your pink-obsessed heart!

I tracked down a local company who manufactures chalk paint (Canterbury Blue) and has all the good things; vegan, locally made, low voc and a lovely owner that we had the pleasure of meeting.  I picked up a tin in the shade Pixie Pink and set off painting my low boy.

bedroom styling with pink wardrobe

before and after lowboy transformation
This thing weights a tonne!

wooden lowboy before chalk paint

The before! I 100% appreciate all the beautiful carpentry and wood involved in making it and would have loved it painted or not :)

australian chalk paint pixie pink

The chalk paint company, Canterbury Blue - very affordable too!

before and after pink chalk painted wardrobe

The After: Ta-Daaaaaa! I'm a little bit obsessed with it and couldn't be happier with the pink.  
Ben has even came around to its pink ways :)

house tour

Oh and here's a little sneak peak of my new room, which I love, it's huge, has painted white walls, polished floorboards, hooks in the wall to hang art *gasp* and a big window to let lovely light in! *dream*

wardrobe transformation with chalk paint

I ended up doing three coats of the pink on the low boy.  Cantebury Blue has two different ranges of paints, this colour belongs in the family that needs sanding after painting the final coat and before sealing.  I was a little scared to sand it because I'm not the biggest fan of distressed furniture and thought sanding would simply equate to that look but if you go gentle on the sanding it actually just makes the finish so so smooth! I then just finished the piece off with a waterproof sealer I picked up from the thrift store.  Nothing fancy, just something to make the end result non porous :)

pink cabinet with tassels and pom pom

Oh and I couldn't help but add some tassels and a pom pom!

pastel pink wardrobe
:) :)

So the question is - would you have painted the cupboard or kept it pure?


  1. Paint all the way! That is gorgeous Fee! 😍💖💖💖

  2. It looks beautiful! I loved that you painted it pink!

    1. Oh yay! I'm definitely loving the pink, makes me happy every morning when I come into my room :) :)


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