Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Weekend - Friday - On the Way to Biggenden

I have to break down my Weekend into a few posts for you guys, too many pictures!
So I got Friday off work (yay!) and Ben and I headed up to Biggenden, which is where his Mum lives and where she was getting married. I was quite excited to have a mini holiday and also nervous to met all of Ben's family! eek!

It takes under 3 hours to get to Biggenden, which isn't too bad really and you get to travel through lots of nice countryside!

It seemed rather odd to get stopped in the middle of nowhere though!

Once we arrived in Biggenden, we unloaded our gear and ducked into town to grab a bite before heading off to pick up Ben's cousin Carmen from the airport!

Biggenden is literally a one street town!
Has a really nice old school feel!

we ate from the best and the only cafe in town!
They did really have the most amazing chocolate milkshakes!
update August 2013: unfortunately that cafe burnt down there is now a new cafe but it honestly served up the worst milkshake I've ever tasted :(

I did a bit of op shopping, pretty excited to hear this one street town had an op shop, oh yeah! I did get a couple of scores, promise to photograph later!

So yes, had lunch then drove to Bundaberg, a much bigger town to pick up Carmen from the airport.
Oh yeah work that pose fee!
I've heard Ben brag a lot about his cousin Carmen, so I had high expectations and I got to say she didn't disappoint. Very very cool lady! Had mucho fun, the whole weekend!

I think this was the only pic I got of her. We stopped at a place called Apple Tree Creek (just outside Childers) because, well it had a giant beer bottle and I love giant things!
Not sure if you can see the guy sitting to the left but he was mucho drunk and suggested we pose topless next to the beer *rolls eyes* This picture also eludes to a project i'm currently working on but I think it's a bit hush hush at the moment, some people might be able to guess the project, but yes all shall be revealed soon, hopefully :)

So that was day one!

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