Saturday, November 20, 2010

Carabiner Love Week 16

Ben and I have been all sorts of slack with our Carabiner Love art project, actually can I let you in on a little secret, we are so bummed about that red car! We initially picked the spot because it's always changing but for the last couple of months it's just been the red car. We have been deep in discussions though and Carabiner Love has some exciting changes coming up soon!!! woot

Anyway for this week we raided my costume box, haven't worn that hello kitty costume in ages, well actually if you're big hello kitty nerd, it's actually charmmy kitty and for the big big nerds out there, the costume is actually a type of pj refered to as Kigurumi. Ahem!

A while back Ben and I started a project called 'Carabiner Love' (for reasons which for now shall remain secret) inspired by an artist called Paul Octavious who photographed one hill, every day, for 2 years,

Any way that was a rad idea so Ben and I decided to take the idea to the Sunshine Coast, more specifically, Maroochydore Plaza, represent!

Week One: We've been ironing out some technical issues, aka, a billion white washed out shots, but I think we have perfected it, so without further ado here is our first shot...

Week 2: I look grumpy here but it's just me concerned about whether or not the camera has actually taken the picture :P

Week 3: We decided to get the most out of our Alice party costumes, mini mall celebrities. We even had one lady ask if we were professional children party hosts!

Week 4: decided to be a bit different this week :P

Week 5: Old people and fee's big head!

week 6 and a busy mall!

week 7: Ben's friend Lucy joins and we get in trouble from security for having sparklers!

week 8 and my pasty legs are in good view! he he he

Week 9 and some candy teeth later we were looking like fools, taken on a pleasant Sunday as the sun was almost about to set!

Week 10 and Ben and I find a promotional car in our spot!

Week 11 and another week with the red car, eek! We were on the way to see the movie predators, so just a quick shot with me dressed in a rather sailor moon inspired get up!

Week 12, fee is getting run over and Ben sports his "robsessed" home made singlet, before heading off to see Twilight :P

Week 13 and Ben and I decide to wrap ourselves up in toilet paper! MUMMIES!

Week 14, I bring my bubble blower and Ben dresses up in his gown and fez and brings his ceramic white bird to be his pipe!

Week 15, speech bubble love!

Week 16 and it's raiding the costume box time!
Week 17 we get to be joined by the ever so lovely Dan and Heather, we doing our best gangster posers!  In other exciting news the red car is gone! happy days!!


  1. aww im loving the latest addition! :)
    sexy costumes! hehehe

  2. he he he he! It always fun to dress up and walk down to the plaza!
    miss you heather!!!

  3. ooooh when are you going to let us all in on the *reason* for Carabiner Love??? hmmmmmm?

  4. oh true forgot about that...
    mmm, all in good time :P lol


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