Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Five - Courtesy of the Design Federation Annual

So thought it would be fun to pick my favourite five from the design fed book!
First up is Christopher Nielsen who has a really distinct solid style
  His bio refers to his work as 'scratchy retro images' and I think that definitely sums him up! I always enjoy artists who have a distinct well carried out style!!!

Next is Dilly who does some really good graphic design work and photography but it's his illustration that got me! Done with a pacer pencil too! woot!!
Number three on the list is meggs, now I know I've seen his work around but it was interested to read a bit more up on him, 
"In 2004, Meggs joined forces with artists Sync, Rone, Phibs, Reka, Wondalust & Meek to become a core member of ‘Everfresh’, a unique collective of street/graffiti/studio artists who are recognised as one of Australia’s most progressive and prolific street art collectives"

 love it!

Number Four on the list is Rena Littleson-Montenegro
I'm definitely a sucker for pencil drawings, especially ones that are awesomely executed and with a rad theme to boot!

Number five on the list comes from  Steven Rhodes, whose work I always seem to run into and for good reason!
 Very nicely done illustrations, it was hard to pick  a favourite!!

Now I know it's a friday five post but can I be naughty and sneak in a sixth!
You know I going to anyway :P
Thomas C Chung
Who does the cutest sculptures, lots of knitted cuteness!!
Arghh this picture just kills me with cuteness!!


  1. i like all this new introduction to artists thing you've started! lots of inspiration to see new art i wouldn't normally have found on my own.

    x em

  2. yeah it's good for me to, discovering new artists as well, though there is just too many good artists out there though!


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