Thursday, November 25, 2010

Friday Five

I have to post my Friday Five earlier than expected because I'm heading on a road trip tomorrow for Ben's Mums wedding, back monday!

Anyway for this friday five I'm inspired by all things super sweet, courtesy of etsy!

The first is from stasiab, I've probably choosen one of the more obscure images, but I thought it was super sweet and the shop is full of other sweet works as well!

The  next shop is dwelldeep
Some very cute illustrations, though I'm particularly in love with this bottle!

Wish Candy is next on the list
Who doesn't love a cute girl in glases holding a cute icecream! :P eek!

For some food related cuteness we have rkoss
The icecream scoops have little faces on them!!!

And lucky last is Paula Pertile
Argh the sweetness just kills me here, pastel, lolly, pencil drawings, ticks all the right fee boxes!


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