Friday, November 5, 2010

WHAT? I won a prize? What did I win?

A few weeks back I got an email saying I won a prize on a blog. First I was a little shocked "did I even enter a contest?" but knowing me and the amount of blogs I read it was probably pretty likely, and yup I went and checked out the blog and there was my name! Anyway fast track to yesterday when I got an envelope in the mail

                            What's in the envelope?                           

                                 A bag!

                                And whats in the bag?

  A Bag!!!

                                              WHAT???? exactly!

What an odd odd prize, they did include a small roll of tape in all credit!

 and really I'm not complaining, I'm just odd-ed out, I've never won a plastic bag before :P he he he


  1. At least it's a pretty cute plastic bag ;]

  2. totally!!! he he he, I will find a good use for it as well :)

  3. hahahaha thats fantastic - best prize ever - and best mode of giving prize ever :)
    by the way i have some time to update my blog this week so stay tuned! :)
    love ya monkey

  4. did put a funny smile on my face for sure!

    ohhh a blog update can't wait :)


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