Friday, December 31, 2010

My Haul

Christmas was kind to me this year!

The best present would have to go to Ben who wrote me a song!! Arghh it was so awesome, he's going to put it onto a cd for me soon, so hopefully I'll be able to share, I could be biased but I reckon it's A-grade, radio quality and it made me insanely giggle!

I also got a nice box of goodies from ben!

christmas presents

tiny heart bowl

glass bird ornament

bunny bird ornament by melabo
the coolest bird bunny ornament from a cool etsy shop that goes by the name melabo

christmas tin from heather and dan
Heather and Dan got Ben and I this awesome tin, I kind of knew there would be chocolate's inside because Heather informed me that I should put it in the fridge. Anyway we have this thing were we don't open each others present's till christmas, but! The day before Christmas I was craving some chocolate soooo bad and yup did the unthinkable!

Heather and dan christmas present stash
Look at all these other presents they got me from the Europe trip, I could have died, sooo amazing!

gingerbread star ornament
The fake gingerbread ornament up close and personal! The funny story behind this is that when I dropped their gift off on Christmas eve, they had their own one hanging up and I was in love with it so much. So when I opened my gift on Christmas day and saw they got me one too, best moment :)

gifts from grandma
also a huge stash from grandma, spoilt!

and from my folks...
gestures board game and picnic basket

vintage swan measuring cups
I think my favourite was the vintage swan measuring cups, soo amazing, actually I'm in love with the cute placemat as well!

cute placemat blue birds
look at that print!

handmade card by Teruko
I also got the sweetest handmade card from one of the teachers I worked with in Japan. I recently got back in contact with her, very sweet for her to go to all the trouble :) Lovely lady!

hello kitty love heart stamps
I also had to keep the envelope for the stamps, oh Japan how I love thee!


  1. awesome goodies fee!
    yeah when you saw the gingerbread ornament i was like dammit why didnt i put that away!!!! hahahaha
    but it was good to see your reaction cause i knew youd like it :)
    anyway merry merry christmas!!!

  2. yeah I thought it was really funny :)
    just made the present all the more awesome!

    thanks for a kick arse party, managed to stay awake for the drive home and now off to work *shakes fist at world*



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