Sunday, January 2, 2011

bye bye 2010 hello 2011

2010 was really good to me and going back through my flickr account I can see why!
fee outside dreamworld
I'll start on a negative though, I miss my short hair!! I've been growing it all year in attempt to be able to get dreadlocks, so that's one of my 2011 goals!

2010 meant lots of jake visits!
jake posing
lots of jake posing

Lots of nature
path of enlightenment

lots of friends and nature
tibrogargan lowie, ben, norway and emaya

looking out at rainbow

fee and lowie down back

lots of kisses
fee getting kissed by a seal

and I guess this ties into meeting ben!
Ben at dawn
who has been an amazing addition to my life

2010 also meant discovering new nature spots!
swimming in the falls

fun trips to brisbane and street art

Carabiner Love Week 13

Carabiner Love Week 16
carabiner love!

100 metres
whale watching

evil deer
op shops and garage sales

chicken and ben
chicken love!

'thing' framed

The Design Federation Annual 2010
burntfeather crazyness, published in books, exhibitions, tim burton comp and 100 sales!

ben walking the fence

boardwalk at night
night time adventures!

sketch book project
sketchbook project

the initial sketch
and lots of art
Had so much fun in 2010, it felt like a great progresive year for me, fell in love, moved, closed peachypan, focused on burntfeather, had many many adventures and smiled more than I have in many many years.   Of course there are always negatives but overall it was just extremely awesome time!

I hope 2011 mimics last year but with even more gusto!
The skies the limit, follows your dreams and smile :)


  1. HumbleDumpling1/02/2011 5:25 PM

    You are awesome!! :D

  2. looks like you had a super cool year fee! :) hope 2011 is even more awesome for you missy, full off happiness and success in everything you do!
    (and i so can't wait to see the dreads!! hang in there! im growing my hair too, not for dreadlocks lol i feel your pain, this phase of growing sucks butt lol)

    love you so much pumpkin, stay cool xoxo

  3. ohh its sooo hard to grow it!
    At least now I have you and ben to whinge to about it, he he he :)

    Love you lots and lots too!!!!

    Thanks for having a new years eve bash too :)
    and fingers crossed for an awesome year ahead for you guys!


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