Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mt Coolum

A week ago I climbed Mt. Coolum with Shaz and her friend Belle and her kids, Lacey and Max. Since arriving on the Coast I've heard much murmer about Mt Coolum, from it's wussy "don't even bother" climbing ways, to it's promise of awesome romantic, sunset adventures. I think I was even close to scoring an internet date climbing the thing but heck it never panned out!

climbing mt coolum

So how was Mt. Coolum? Well it's still a mountain, so in my eyes that's never an easy thing but climbing with kids was the most brillant idea ever! I had the cruisiest mountain climb ever, with just a hint of danger which to be honest was probably exaggerated by the presence of the kiddies. Anyway I loved it! Definitely a fee mountain :)

view from mount coolum

view from mt coolum

climbing down mt coolum

lacey climbing mt coolum

Props to those kids, 5 and 3 years of age for climbing the thing. I kind of wanted to steal lacey and her awesome cute bob haired ways :)

Afterwards we took a dip at coolum beach and finished with a trip to the movies to watch Tangled! woot a toot!


  1. hahaha so thats the secret - need to take some littlies with! i like it, and may need to take some small children with me at all times hehehe

    looks like fun though! we went to coolum for our grade 5 camp and i think a couple times when i was in youth - pretty sure we climed this on one of those trips, well we at least went on some sort of uphill walk in coolum :)

  2. yup kids are the key!
    thats heaps cool you've climbed it :) It's a pretty quick mountain to climb, probably an hour up and down, or maybe a bit longer, we stopped a few times as well :P my kind of hike!


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