Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Pad

There has been unit pic requests and since I've lived in my new place for amost 6 months now and there is no sign of it ever being completed to my high decorating standards, I'll just show you some of my fav bits!

The Kitchen!
Its a one bedroom unit so the kitchen just leads onto the living room!

from the lounge you go up into the bathroom

bathroom shells

bathroom shells
where you can spy some of my shell collection

bathroom decorations
There is also three horse artworks up on the wall, a small but proud colletion!

lounge room
the lounge itself is choked full of all my nicknacks and art. Currently I'm having a fighting battle with mould. I live at the "sunshine coast" but it's been raining pretty constantly with the sun being something or a rarity so hence the mould taking residency

entry to bedroom
A little lantern leading into the bedroom

which is very minimal at the moment. I have dreams of turning it into an indian-esque restaurant (aka lots of indian cloths) but yes I'm struggling just to paint my bed frame so I can have the mattress off the floor :P

bedroom curtains
there is a bit of colour in my bedroom, when I lie on my bed and look out I'm greeted by lots of red!

woot! So that's a glimpse into my little space :)


  1. awesome fee :) i love love love all your nick nacks and art works, yours and the others you've collected - super cool!!
    sucks about mould! have you got something to clean it? we had mould issues on the roof of our castle street flat bathroom, and if you just spray exit mould it goes away, dont even have to wipe it or anything! :)
    but! ventilation is essential hahaha many a time i forgot that *woozy sway*
    hope you're feeling better today!

  2. ohh thanks for the tip heather. I've been using clove oil, but I don't know how well that's working! I will pick up a bottle of this exit mould stuff, woot! Yes ventaliation!! :P

  3. feeeeeeeeeee WOW it's so beautiful! i love it alll!!!! how nice is your bedroom? indian-themed boudoir is a great idea. you should go to some el cheapo indian stores next time your in brisbane and buy metres of sari material and sew them into a donna cover or curtains or something.

    awww and i love your little cabinet full of jap-creatures. so adorable! and what is that mermaid thing in the kitchen? is it a mirror? either way, it's rad. mermaids are cool.

    ARGH i'm experiencing apartment love. x

  4. Yeah totally need metres of sari material! I have vision just lazyness as well :P

    The mermaid thing is a mirror, a very small impractical one at that but really not why I bought it :P I was in tree of life and she was up on their wall and I pretty much died. It looked like it was just a display piece though, so I was feeling pretty disheartened walking up to the counter to ask about it, but yup they sold it to me, so now it's mine forever! She's like a middle eastern mermaid! :)


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