Wednesday, January 12, 2011

where's fee?

sketchbook page 7

About a week ago the power blew from half my house, I assumed my laptop had died and was computerless for 5 days, wahhhh! this threw me a lot :P Then I  got sick and then there was crazy floods everywhere!  Lots of roads blocked off and lots of people in Queensland have gone through really devastating times.  The sun is shining through the window now, I'm back reading my blogs and after work today I'm going to sit down and draw :)

p.s my sketchbook project is due soon I have been working in it, just not scanning pages :P bad fee bad!


  1. feee! did you get flooded at all?! i forgot to even ask. *bad friend*


  2. i was thinking you were being very quiet - that explains it! what craziness, so did you get a new computer battery for nothing? i would be stuffed without my computer especially at the moment.
    take care miss fee out on those roads too!
    love you

  3. hey emaya! nup not flooded a lot of the coast had roads closed, but it was more just an inconvienance than anything serious, well for myself at least :)

    Heather I had a bit of a laptop miracle. When I thought I had fried my laptop due to the powerpoint sparking and then my computer not turning on, I tried some different powerpoints but still no luck (should of tried the ones that worked!) but yeah...oh gosh this is going to be too long of a story, perhaps I will write it in your next letter! The story is not very exciting but it does have a happy ending, he he he!


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