Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ben Shaved His beard!

I made a quick little 30 second video about it :) tee hee. Ben did this on Monday and I'm only just now able to look him in the face without breaking into fits of giggles. I like the new ben, it's like having a new boyfriend :)

ben, roho and chook face

ben and roho


  1. hahaha i love the video - particularly the bit where he shaved up the middle of his chin, ponytail beard bits! :D

    lookin good ben, all fresh faced!
    Its so different when you're used to how someone looks hey!
    looks like Roho likes it! she's gazing lovingly up at ben's face :)

    ahhh HELLO FEE!
    (hope all went well yesterday!)

  2. If I was shaving a beard myself I'd totally do whack styles in the shaving process too :)

    I think Roho was trying to eat ben's button! but in her defense she is a very loving chicken, yay for roho!!

    My interview went, mmmm, hard to say, I guess I'll just wait now to see!

    Hope your week is going well!!

  3. aww sadness! that was one rad looking homeless dude beard.

  4. it's already making its come back appearance :)


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