Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Weekend

Had a fun photo filled weekend, a great big nap and a squeezed in sunday adventure too. Our original plan was to revisit the spooky cave and have a picnic in the forest.

Chenrezig Institute
We went past the newly renovated temple, which the Dalai Lama is coming out to bless in a few months and started down the bush track which leads to the spooky cave. The track now being hideously over grown and with Ben uttering the words, "snake teritory" I was more than happy to bail out of that plan!

We ended up deciding to go to the Nambour rock pools which turned out to be near, Kiamba, 
a spot I'd never been to.
New cool spots are always the best!

ben at top

running water


kiamba waterfall

ben walking

ben swimming 3

ben swimming 2

ben swimming
It was the perfect temperature even as it was getting late into the afternoon :)
Definitely deserves a re-visit at some stage!


  1. ah how pretty does that look?
    definitely muggy enough on sunday to enjoy some swim time too! :)
    hope your week is going well so far *hugs*

  2. yeah it was mug-a-reffic!
    Thanks for partying with us Saturday mega fun :)


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