Tuesday, February 15, 2011

HAPPY v-day!

Hope everyone has a nice Valentines day.
I'm a sucker for it, but I'm a sucker for love, which reminds me if you are dating someone
fab, make sure you submit your love story here!!
My Cute Love Tales blog is looking a bit deserted as of late :(

So I didn't get up to much this V-Day but I did bake Ben cookies!

valentine day cookies

Poor Ben has been in the wars, fractured his nose, after a collision at the skate park.
Took this pictures a few days ago, but I think his black eyes have actually blackened since!

black eyed ben

Anyway I made Ben dinner and he gave me chocolates :)

heart cookies for valentines day
Yay for Valentines day!!
Whatever you got up to, I hope it was fun and you weren't sad!

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  1. aww happy valentines day fee :)
    cute cookies, i was very lazy this year - just a homemade card for dan. (and my homemade is not cool lol)
    but we had some cheap as chips movie tickets so went to see black swan at the movies so that was cool.
    poor ben's nose! pain, that would have hurt poor bugger!
    i have been looking at the cute love blog - i know theres more couples out there come on guys get your love blog on! *persuasive nudge*



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