Sunday, February 27, 2011

Carabiner 24

For the last two weeks, though it really has felt much longer, the majority of my time has been spent glued to my computer screen, doing some tideously painstaking video editing which often left me a grumpy, soul crushed beast!  I now have crazy super respect for those that do this sort of thing profesionally and full time, blah!  

So let's back track.  

We stopped doing Carabiner Love because in all of our shots was this annoying red promotional car.  Ben and I had many discussions and agreed that our initial spot, at the local plaza, wasn't that great a location, the red car coupled with security made it testly for us.  We decided to move location to Ben's backyard and its here Ben came up with the 24 hour time lapse project to celebrate the move.  We decided to take one shot every 10 minutes for 24 hours.  That idea sort of changed over the course of 24 hours, but I will say no more and just let you watch it,  so without further ado....


  1. nice one! i like the music. and, of course, your most amazing editing skillz. the sequences in the 2nd half aren't photos taken every 10 mins right? or am i just going mental? x

  2. Taking photos every ten minutes was the original plan but then we realised that would make for a very boring video, so we quickly changed that idea! Thanks for the praise though, I'll take it!!


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