Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Five - Animals

This week's friday five is all about the loveable animals!

1. First is Thewheatfield with it's charming country shop title, it's no surprise it's run by an artist with an equally as charming name, Katie Daisy. Of course her illustratons are therefore 100% charming!

2. Linotte is our second shop run by Artist Anke. An adorably sweet shop full of adorable girls, cowboy boots and cats!

3. Next is etsy shop twoems run by Melanie Mikecz. Her profile made me giggle and I always appreciate that! Her shop is like stumbling into a kids book, in the 100% good kind of way, crazy colourful collages!!

4. TheBungaloo a design company who as far as I can tell do a whole lot of awesome gig posters and well just awesome designs! I always have respect for people that do art so cleanly and amazingly!

5. Last on the list is LauraGeorge a shop run by Laura Berger. her quirky illustration style makes me smile all over and heck, shouldn't that be what art is all about!

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