Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Five - Patterns!

This week's inspiration is all about patterns!

First up is yumiyumi run by artist Aline.
Her shop is chook full of really lovely prints, well worth a closer look at :)
No. 2... Medusa Wolf the work of Allan Brown whose shop I found it particularly hard to pick a favourite from! I don't know how else to describe MedusaWolf but ...
Wonderful creatures, rad colours and outstanding pattern work :)

Third up is Spanish artist Kat Cameron whose work I have been following for a while now and for good reason. Normally I get scared of artists who work largely in the digital process but Kat is amazing!! Cute girls, animals, beautiful scapes and little stories woven through!
Fourth is tevagallery a newie to the etsy scene! In this shop you'll find animals painted in lovely watercolours and with intricate details! I don't really need to say anymore, just check out that amazing-oid cat below!

Lucky last is  Brittlestar run by Nicole Linde. I feel in love with the crazyness of her work straight away! Her profile said she is inspired by the deep sea and the cosmo, which I think is fab! I love art that's not afraid to use crazy colours and patterns and which you have to stare at for far too long to take it all in!


  1. Thanks for including me here :) Nice to meet you!

  2. nice to meet you too! I think you art is terrific :)

  3. Wow! What a great selection of artists. Thanks for the intro.

  4. brittlestar! so good.


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