Saturday, February 19, 2011

White Trash Families

Today I witnessed a father and his young teenage daughter "play" fighting at the mall.  The daughter was shoving her dad and then her dad, aggressively belted her into a coke vending machine.  Not too sound like an old person writing into the local newspaper, but gosh I looked on in crazy disbelief!  The dad threw the girl a few more times, before the Mum, laughingly said, "hey guys cut that out, you can't do that here, we're at a shopping centre".  The last I saw of them, the girl was walking off, rubbing her spine!  I'm not into girls lashing out at their dad's (well I assume it was her dad!) but yeah I was just shocked that he used so much force to playingly get her back! So crazy! 

*end old person writing in paper rant*

The sad thing is they're probably from Nambour :P


  1. sheesh!!! thats a bit extreme!
    maybe theyre related to the crazy arrow man ;)


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