Wednesday, February 2, 2011


ben and roho

I can't remember the new chicken's name as it's in spanish, which Ben and lowie are learning in prep for a south american trip come end of the year :)  I never was good with languages but it's "something roho" and means little red! She's such a rad chicken, unfortunately frizzle passed away the other day from old age, we gave her a burial and Lowie and Ben painted her a sign for her grave :)

So frizzle has sort of been replaced by Roho, but in a loving way because the house loves chickens!!

In other news they found a snake and relocated it, I was happy just to take a picture and run away :P

ben daz and lowie with snake


  1. aww sorry to hear about frizzle :(
    *hugs all round*
    but roho - what a cute name for a chicken!
    has ben adopted those kittens yet so i can play with them? :) ahhhh i want a pet.

    south america - what the! more travel this year, are you going as well or just ben and lowie? ooooh exciting fee!!!! i am going to pump you for information tomorrow, weeeeeee!!!

    hope your gums are feeling alright and healing nicely for you!

  2. yeah roho rocks!
    Nah he didn't adopt those kittens, got to talk him into it Heather :P

    Yeah South America is the plan, might be end of this year or depending on Daz, start of next (Daz has a knee operation happening this year). Hopefully tax is kind to me, and then all should be awesome!! Been to slack with travel but you and emaya have definitely inspired me big time!

    I think it's Ben, Lowie, Daz and me at this stage for south america, not too sure how keen I am to travel with those boys they are too adventurous for me and will probably spend 98% of their trip deep in the jungles! lol Think I might try headng off on my own, or convince ben to come to some of the more civilised areas :)

    gums are getting there, jaw is hard to open, so still on the mush for food! Just had my baby food, ha ha ha, actually not too bad :P

    I just sent you a text about coming a bit later tomorrow, so I hope that's all good, weeeee, I'm excited to get my op shop on!


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