Friday, February 4, 2011


flowers from Ben... he's a keeper

So anyway, day fourth of the two teeth coming out and I'm onto other things besides mush! Going to try and eat a stew tonight or maybe pizza, weeeee I'm excited!!

Saw True Grit last night, at the cinemas, and not being able to buy popcorn was very very hard! lol By the way True Grit rocked my socks off, great story and characters!  Don't watch it, if you have trouble with animals dying though, I'm looking at your heather *prewarns* :(

Talking of the delightful Heather we got to hang out yesterday for some op shopping, that was super rad and we have a fun adventure planned for the weekend, hopefully the weather holds out for us! Mmmm, I wont say too much more but some change is in the air I think! Always good change!

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  1. aww pretty flowers! :)

    Ahhh warning received fee! I think if I went to the movies at the moment I'd see black swan, that looks pretty good :)

    yaaaaaaay for hanging out! hope you have a lovely day at work, nice and smooth and saturday-ish hehe see you soon!!!!


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