Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Green Tree Frogs

Frogs alongside, bunnies, horses, dogs, dolphines and whales are one of my fav animals!! 
Green Tree Frogs have to top the frog list as well! 

The other day I was at work, pushing one of my guys in his wheelchair to go visit a neighbour, we got to the end of his driveway and spotted this little green tree frog all curled up. At first I thought it was a figurine, commonly found in those cheap stores, but then I started to freak out and think it was dead, luckily the dude I was with just leaned out of his wheelchair and poked it and the frog quickly moved. I noticed straight away the frog was covered in bitumen from the freshly resurfaced road :( I grabbed him in my pink skirt and for lucky coincidence, that particular house had just installed a frog pond!

So this dude has a happy ending! The black tar washed off his little body and he swam around his pond happily. He also can get out of the pond if he so desires. But I'm not sure where he would go or where he even came from cause it's a very surburban landscape.

It definitely made for an exciting shift! 
Something about him hiding in my skirt croaking and then jumping all over me, left me with giddy delight!


  1. awww that's so sweet fee,excellent work! :)
    did you give him/her a name?

  2. yeah I named him Driveway :P


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