Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Five - Old time Favs

I thought it would be fun to post a few artists today who I've been admiring for a while now

1. Michelle Romo aka Crowded Teeth, anyone who cites their influences as "Mid-Century, Japanese, and Scandinavian design and pretty much anything cute." is pretty much 100% a-okay by fee standards :) and what else can I say, she produces the most awesomely cute, sleek and happy illustrations...perfect!

2. Chris Buzzelli, a super duper rad artist! From what I understand, from following his blog, is that he produces these insanely rad pieces in record time. Each time he posts a new painting I stare at my computer until my eyes hurt and drool hits the keyboard. How is someone this good? Anyway big big props, what a rad painter!

3. Mall aka May Ann Lumbang Licudine, who seems to excel at everything she does! Not only does she draw these fantastic girls she also has a flawless painting style, takes beautiful pictures and pretty much excels at anything creative. I only just recently watched this amazing video she made and you should too :P I've linked her blog in her name, which is well worth a look, trust me!

4. Helena Garcia who just kills me with her amazing illustrative style. I love the way she draws her insanely cute girls and her bio also makes me think she is one cool kid herself...
"Her inspirations come from Japanese aesthetics, cartoons from the 60’s and vintage design. On her spare time she enjoys eating desserts, napping with her chihuahua, Kiko and watching movies." 

5. Julian Callos who again is an individual with far too much talent, I mean even his sketches blow me away! I love looking at his work and when he posts a new painting or picture, clay figure or sketch, I get far too excited! Really beautiful, quality art that has such a nice dream-like happy quality too it!

I could go on about all these guys, but I'll limit the gushing :P


  1. ooh ooh love crowded teeth! :)
    also love the Helena Garcia one!
    I like all of these but yeah they're my favourites from your selection this week :)

    how are you going chook? don't hesitate to let me know if you want some company! :) xo

  2. they are so good hey!
    Yeah I'm doing better today, got more work on then normal so that's keeping me distracted! Hopefully :)

  3. Hello Fee! Aww thank you so much for featuring my art, i really appreciate it! I'm so blushed, hihi! <3

  4. :) No problems, you art really does blow me away!!


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