Thursday, April 28, 2011

7 Facts

Tagged by Caroline to do 7 things that you may not know about me!

1. I have to check all sides of a condiments packet, or really any packet to make sure it doesn't have an easy to open nick in it.  I developed this habit a few years back and can't seem to shake it

2. I went to speech therapy when I was 4 years old (I think!) and continued up until around grade 4. When I was little many people couldn't understand me and my big brother Andrew use to have to translate a lot when we would stay at my Grandparents house. I still pronounce words wrong and people all the time ask me where my accent is from.!

Andrew My Grandma and Myself
My big bro Andrew, My Grandma and me!
3. The best award I ever won, (besides the art award in year 12) was the "English teacher who dances most to the beat of their own drum" award, I won in Japan

4. I'm a really bad loser, really competitive and several times in my life people have refused to play board games with me!

5. I collect feathers

6. When I was little I was a really fussy eater especially when it came to meat. One day we had lamb chops and I was convinced I couldn't swallow the meat. I think I chewed one piece of meat for at least an hour or more. I even chewed it on our daily after dinner, family walk. This probably ties into my stubborn-ness. Mum finally relented on her stance and I spat the piece of meat out...victory to fee!

7. I read motivational and life-related books all the time and I don't think it's daggy. I like people's different perspective on the World.  I like being Happy which is something that doesn't always come naturally to me!


  1. I'm totally going to watch you open packets now Fee hehe :)

    I love that photo, CUUUUTE! :)

    oh and so funny about your meat chewing hahaha who says stubbornness runs in our family? :P Don't worry, mum used to make stirfrys for us and the only thing I'd eat in it were the baby corn (which are now the only thing I WON'T eat in them lol) so they would all be finished tea and watching telly or whatever and I'd still be sitting at the table looking at my dinner refusing to eat it :)

    I've found some of those type of books that I've read to be very helpful as well Fee, I think if you get something out of it then go for it, nuts to what anyone else says :)

    Hey I'm going to pick up some of those cider drinks for saturday, any particular flavour you'd like? :)

  2. the packet thing is kind of annoying but helpful all in one :P

    So funny about your stirfry story! If I ever kids I'm going to be a bit more leniant I think because taste buds do change!

    ohh cider, i'm so excited to try one of them, any flavour sounds good!
    yay for saturday!!
    I think Matty and Emily might be coming as well, maybe!

  3. cool well I think I'll get the pear & strawberry ones mmmmm! They could be gross lol but they sound so good!
    That's cool if Matty & Emily come, totally welcome! And since we're ordering pizza no rsvp is needed hehe! I'm making some little treats for your birthday though - oooooh mysterious! haha :P not really

    I'm excited missy! Be awesome to have some hangs *squish*

  4. oh my GOSH! that photo is the best. your grandma looks totally awesome - channeling some awesome headmistress-vibe - and you and andrew are so adorable! look at your matching mickey tops! so good.

    i never knew that you actually had to have speech therapy! hahaha say 'hose' fee, c'mon, SAY IT :)

    and another thing i didn't know about you - you have been my lifelong inspiration of The Happy Person that i could only hope to be as happy as, and now i'm reading that this is ALL LIES?! that's it then, i give up, i am defeated in life, everything is in shambles.

    aww and i'd forgotten that you won the art prize in yr 12 - CONGRATULATIONS!!! you're so awesooooommmmeee. do you still have your high school art hiding away in that hall somewhere?


  5. Heather- strawberry and pear sounds rad, yum yum!
    ohh pizza!! best party food :)

    Emaya - I won't say hose!! :P
    I think it's a myth about people just naturally being happy 100% of the time, but I think if you try and be happy it's much easier to actually be happy and comes more naturally, it's a good circle of happiness!

    I do still have my highschool art well, that which I deemed good enough to keep :P I'm really bad for throwing art out!


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