Saturday, April 2, 2011

ikea frames!

So I dropped Ben off at 6.30am Thursday and since I was in Brisbane, figured I'd just pop down to Ikea, turns out Ikea doesn't open till 9.30, so I spent a very random couple of hours sleeping in my car, in the sides streets of Logan! Wouldn't recommend that but I was tired and weepy and was able to sleep... sort-of!

Anyway the fruits of my labour...frames. I've always wanted to get those ikea frames and they are so pretty in real life! I framed heaps of my art up and saved some for This Little Teapot exhibition coming up soon.

Peppermind Daydreams aka Christy Pepper Dawson who is just the loveliest person and packages her art up fantastically!

And a gorgeous painting from Tiny Kitten Teeth aka Becky who is a mega talented artist!

This weekend is all about getting my teapot sorted and ready to be shipped off, hurrah!
Let the art making begin!


  1. weee I'm so excited to see your teapot fee!
    and go go go ikea! I'm still waiting for confirmation from somewhere/someone about whether the rumour about an ikea being built on the northside is true or not....heaven help our credit card if thats true ;)

  2. yeah northside would rock!
    I'm definitely not a southside girl, I had a few lane freak outs! lol


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