Monday, April 25, 2011


kings beach

Something super exciting happened today I got to catch up with my friend Mami from Japan! Though silly me in all the excitement forgot to get a picture with her, oops! I did though snap a couple of shots from the day. We went to Kings beach at Caloundra and boy oh boy was it a miserable looking day, so cold, though she, like many others braved the water! Crazy!

kings beach

I on the other hand, hang out with one of her friends making sand sculptures, was meant to be totori, but turned into... fat cat:P

the original fat cat sand sculpture

fat cat sculptures
and the family!

Mami also gave me way too many presents, silly girl! Can't wait to catch up with her again in Japan, eek! Getting closer and closer!
present from Mami!


  1. Ah sounds like a lovely day!
    Those are some awesome sand sculptures too :)
    Your trip will be here in no time - exciting!!

  2. It was a rad day despite it's gloomyness!
    yay for Saturday too!


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