Sunday, April 24, 2011


I decided to get some of my bunny themed peeps together for a little photoshot!
It's no secret I love bunnies, so I especially love Easter when all the shops are decked out in bunny themed goodness!
bunny collection
Received as presents, except the guys on the far edges - Left  was thrifted and righty was bought in Japan and the brown clay guy, I made myself
Marshmellow rabbit

I Also treated myself to a freshly made marshmallow bunny being sold by some scouts...YUM!

I also have some secret stashes of chocolate in my fridge to divulge in as well!
Good times :)

Hope everyone is having a lovely time!


  1. Happy Easter Fee! :)
    Nice bunny collection!
    Enjoy your choccies - somehow in spite of asking for no chocolate we've ended up with heaps :0 haha so may have to share some with you next weekend hehe :)

  2. ahh people can't help but give chocolate!
    it's too delicious!


  3. hehehe yeah, except us cause we can't afford to buy anyone but the littlies anything :)
    In the end I decided not to abstain from eating it completely, just have to ration it out over the next year lol!

  4. good idea! and chocolate releases happy chemicals too, just another reason to indugle :P


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