Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Five - Textures

This week I've been inspired by artists who put beautiful textures into their works!

1. Elsita aka Elsa Mora aka the queen of the papercuts! Not only does she simply cut paper into fantastic images, but as she often says on her blog, she tries to encorporate the way shadows and textures of the paper come into play..amazing! Her blog is well worth a look too as she is often posting original papercuts that are simply drool worthy!

2. Mister Rob, aka Rob Ryan. Now if Elsa is Queen, Rob Ryan is King! His papercuts, for sheer amount of intricate details, won me over, instantly! Again I love reading his blog for seeing all those original papercuts he does! Speechless

3. Lizzy Stewart, who I've just stumbled upon recently and who does the sweetest illustrations. I love how she incorporates nature and patterns and how her works have a lovely soft quality to them! I choose the work above, titled Summer Wolf for it's fantastic texture!

4. Super Cool Spy Club aka Jared Andrew Schorr whose papercuts make me ridicously happy! His work is bright, funny, clever and amazingly well executed! I don't have much more to say except, go check out his work!

5. Lucky last a shout out to aussie team wilkintie aka Carly Hargreaves and Niels Oeltjen, who write about their etsy shop project which...

"Evolved from a love of letterpress printing and a desire to collaborate with the amazing artists we discover in our day-to-day lives." 

Well I'm glad they started it because their shop is beautifully stocked with the sweetest prints. I absolutely adore letterpress printing and that wonderful embossing texture that is created! The particular image I have choose, titled 'bloom' is by artist Jacqueline Pytyck who is also well worth a look at!


  1. Beautiful selection Fee - they are all fabulous!

  2. Agreed - very pretty! I went and checked out a couple of the links - love Elsita's paper cuts - so intricate! Impressive!

    Hope you're having a lovely Easter so far munchkin xo

  3. yeah she does really beautiful paper cuts!
    Having a lovely relaxing easter, ahhh bliss :)

    HAPPY EASTER for tomorrow for you too!


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