Saturday, April 23, 2011


1) Mum, just rang me to tell me that skittles the Guinea Pig had babies! Unfortunately one didn't make it, but fingers crossed for the other little survivor. I've never seen a baby Guinea Pig before but Mum said they are totally cute and are born with their eyes open and fur and are much bigger than you would imagine. Looking forward to havinga hold next weekend I'm down there!

2) I miss Ben terribly! I've been emailing him everyday and usually with a photo. Took lots of photos the other day and one made it as my new profile pic, hurrah!
fee aka burntfeather aka me!

3) Which reminds me, Ben is just over halfway through his first stint, so in under 3 weeks I get to see him, weeee!

4) I have been going back through my old journal that I wrote whilst living in Japan, gee it's funny! Reliving memories, ahhh and most importantly getting some ideas for our trip back there in June, can't wait! On a side note, when googling for my old livejournal blog "feeinjapan" there is another identically named journal on blogger *gasp* I'm sure there can't be room for two fee's in Japan!

So that's my update. Tomorrow is Easter and I'll be working on more of my surprise costume!


  1. ahh the Japan blog! I am so sad I didn't have access to that at the time :( man, I would have been harassing you though so maybe its a good thing ;) ....must admit to having gone back and stalked it once I finally had internet hehehe
    how exciting you get to go back this year weeeeee!

    Aww I have been thinking of you with Ben being away, *HUGS* hope that 3 weeks will fly by for you missy! we'll load you up with some dvds and stuff anyway to fill some quiet spots *thumbs up*

    Also - GUINEA PIG BABY! Are you going to adopt it? :) Guess that answers the gender question for skittles hehehe!

    ALrighty chicken well you have a lovely Easter, I can't wait to see the costume, exciting! :)
    Love you *squish*

  2. I wish I could adopt it! I think it would be too messy for my apartment and I would need to have two, because they're quite social creatures!

    Re-reading the Japan blog was fun, probably just for myself though, has definitely got me super hyped for the trip!

    I think the 3 weeks will fly by now too, i'm definitely getting use to it more and just staying busy seems to be the key :)

    Can't believe it's easter! See-you next Saturday!!!


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