Friday, April 1, 2011

missing you!

I think I mentioned Ben was leaving for 7 weeks to go to pretty much the middle of Australia to do some sort of work, well I dropped him off at 6am yesterday morning, so he's gone! I had an extremely surreal day and I kind of ended up crying a lot more than I should of, I kind of forgot how much long distance sucks and I don't think it really sunk in till the night before. I know he's coming back in only 7 weeks and people go a lot longer but it's still hard because I miss my friend!

Ben requested I send him a photo and I'm begining to think that's a nice idea to actually take one everyday for him, it might only last the week, or two days, but I thought it would be helpful in case I put on like ten kilos, Ben gets to see the gradual growth :P Hey my winter coat is just around the corner!

So yesterday's photo was titled "it will be alright" and was a little dpytich of me getting less sad, he he he

and today I thought I would take one of much happier fee!!

Hurry up 7 weeks!


  1. oh...It's hard isn't it!
    You'll get so busy with your heartsy deal you'll still be packing and sending stuff in 7 weeks!
    Good luck lady!

  2. aww fee you're so cute!

    ummmmm, also. is your computer in your BATHROOM?!

  3. good to be busy with order!

    emaya..ha ha ha, looks like that, now I just found myself taking these photos late at night and my bathroom has the best lighting plus a shelf to put my camera on!

  4. awww fee! this is a cute idea :)
    and I definitely feel for you guys, long distance when you're used to closeness would suck!
    Have a think too what you want to do for your birthday missy - i was thinking about it today but then I thought hey I shouldnt plan someone else's birthday hahaha! So up to you obviously but I'm happy to do whatever you like!
    *big squish*
    love heather


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